Taemin is featured in the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Hallyu Pia, where he dicusses his latest role as Prince Shin in the musical Goong.

Hallyu Pia

On April 15, SHINee arrived back in Korea after 3 successful concerts for their SHINee World III Tour and their performance at the KBS Open Concert ‘LA K-Pop Festival’ in Los Angeles. SHINee will be in Korea until their next concert SHINee World III in Taipei, followed by Taemin’s as roll Prince Shin in the Japanese musical Goong. 

Incheon Airport

On April 12, SHINee performed at the KBS Open Concert ‘LA K-Pop Festival’ in Los Angeles.

LA K-Pop Festival

SHINee has successfully three shows in Mexico, Chile and Argentina as part of their SHINee World III  world tour.



Chile Press Conference


Key updated his instagram with photos of SHINee exploring Mexico.

tumblr_n3infqYfgU1r5kb7po1_1280 tumblr_n3injefxgu1r5kb7po1_1280

On April 3, SHINee was at Incheon Airport on their way to Mexico City, to perform the 3rd show of SHINee World III.  Check out the photos of Taemin below.

Incheon Airport


On April  2, SHINee will be releasing their second live album SHINee The 2nd Concert Album, the album will be 2 discs and will feature 28 of their songs that performed while on the SHINee World Concert II Tour, which was held in 2012.

You can purchase the album from the following:
K-Pop Town
More coming soon.

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Following the news that Taemin had been casted as Lee Shin in the Korean musical Goong, he attended schedules in Japan and on March 25, he attended the Goong Musical Press Conference. You can check out photos from the event below.

‘Goong’ Musical Press Conference

Press Conference

Taemin was at Gimpo Airport on the 25th as he was heading to Japan.

Gimpo Airport


SHINee has released the latest version of Seek Magazine. You can check out the HQ scans below.

Seek Magazine